23-24 Series 2 - December Update

Wave 4 is scheduled for 7pm EST on Sunday December 10 


To all collectors who participated in our previous waves we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude. 

There still remains many concerns regarding Series 2 and we want to reiterate that we are doing our best to ensure that every individual collector has an equal and fair chance at accessing Series 2 hobby boxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is my order effected by your current Series 2 quantity limit and price appreciation?
A: We are honoring all orders prior to Series 2 policy change. If you have ordered more than three boxes prior the limit introduction you will receive the amount you ordered. Your order is not impacted. We are not cancelling or amending your order/s. We are also not retroactively increasing the price of the pre-ordered hobby boxes that you have paid for.  

Q: What is the price?
A: The price will be available a few hours before the hobby boxes are live. We are doing our best to ensure our prices are as competitive as possible.

Q: When is the next wave?
A: We will only have 1 wave in December and 1 wave in January. 

Q: Will you have boxes available in store on release date?
A: Yes, we will have boxes available on release day. The quantity limits will remain on release day as well. 

Q: When will the quantity limits be lifted?
A: We will lift quantity limits as soon as Series 2 hobby boxes become readily available. 


Reddit post concerning price & availability. 
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