Series 2 Update

Key Information:

Wave 2 is scheduled for 7pm EST on Sunday November 19th. 

Wave 3 is scheduled for 7pm EST on Thursday November 23rd. 



To all who participated in our first wave of Series 2 pre-orders we extend our sincerest gratitude. We understand the importance of this Series and are working hard to ensure you have a seamless shopping experience.

Thank you for also sharing the hurdles you experienced during Wave 1. 

Today we are sharing what we learned from Wave 1 and how we are addressing your top concerns for the next wave. 

We sold out of our first wave in less than 2 minutes. This is a major concern for us as it prevents people from being able to access Series 2.
    • We are reducing the number of waves and increasing the quantity available with each wave.
    • For the next two waves we are significantly increasing the quantities that will be available. 
    • Our Wave 2 & Wave 3 will be available in quick succession. Future waves will be available in December and January.
Series 2 hobby boxes sold out while people had them in their cart during checkout. 
    • We have implemented a timer + reservation system which will mitigate the chance of the hobby boxes selling out before you are able to finalize your order.
Customers misunderstanding communication regarding “Special Allocation”. 
    • Regular Series 2 product listing is different from the allocated Series 2. 
    • Anyone can purchase the regular Series 2 product listing. 
    • Only the people we personally contact notifying them of their eligibility are eligible for the Special Allocation. 
    • To clarify, coupon emails and back in stock notifications are not an indication that you are eligible to receive the Special Allocation. 
    • Exclusive coupon emails are our way to express gratitude to our customers who are subscribed to our newsletter and have supported us over the years.
How do I know if I am eligible for the “Special Allocation”?
    • You will be personally contacted via Phone Call or Email stating you are eligible.
    • We will then email you an invoice with your reserved Series 2 hobby boxes. 
    • You have 3 days from then to finalize your order.
Browser cache prevented many collectors from adding Series 2 into their carts.
    • The product listing itself will become available at 7pm instead of inventory being updated.
    • If you are unable to see the price and add the product to your cart please clear your browser cache or use incognito mode.

Many subscribed collectors did not get a chance to redeem their Wave 1 coupon.
    • We will be sending out another coupon for Wave 2 & 3.
We have also made a Special Allocation for our customers who join our Group Breaks. 
    • People who participate in our group breaks prior to Series 2 release date will be given exclusive access to Series 2 Group Breaks when they become available.
    • Furthermore, there will be more rewards added to Miraj Breaks that can be redeemed for Series 2 breaks and access.