Upper Deck Wizard in Training 1st Edition 2 Player Starter Deck Box

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In Upper Deck's Wizard in Training Apprentice Starter Deck, each player takes the role of a Dragontooth Academy student as they prepare for the climactic event of the school year - the graduation battle. Players use their wits and resources available to them as they race to collect Dragonteeth in order to progress through 5 levels of Wizard proficiency. Along the way, they can cast spells against their opponents to steal Teeth and slow their progress. They can also chose to conjure a beast to battle and win Teeth for their cause. The higher the Wizard level, the mroe powerful the Spells and Duel Characters available to the players become. The first player to progress through all five Wizard Levels graduates and wins the game!

Each starter deck includes one "Create Your Own Wizard" game card giving players the flexibility to create or bring their own favorite Wizard into play!

Each Starter Deck contains 60 cards:
  • 4 Main Character Cards
  • 12 Duel Character Cards
  • 20 Wizard Spell Cards
  • 24 Wizard Items
  • 1 Create your Own Wizard Character Card
  • 1 Wizard Book of Secrets Rulebook

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