Magic the Gathering Double Masters VIP Edition Box

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 Magic the Gathering: Double Masters VIP Edition 

Full of high-powered reprints and fan favorites, Double Masters contains the some of the most beloved - and feared - Magic: The Gathering cards ever created. Double down on gorgeous foils and special treatments with Double Masters VIP Edition. This is the only way to open foil Borderless Double Master cards, so we doubled those too. You get two in wach VIP edition!

 2 Foil Borderless Tares ot Mythics (Cards may vary)

2 Foil Rares or Mythics (Cards may vary)


17 Foil Commons and Uncommons, 10 Full-Art Basic Lands, 2 Foil Full-Art Basic Lands, 2 Foil Tokens

 Contains 33 card games. 

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