2019-20 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey Hobby Box

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2019-20 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey Hobby Box

  • 4 Cards per Pack
  • 6 Packs per Box


Trilogy delivers rookie cards in a unique fashion!

Trilogy offers three different Base Set rookie cards: Common, Uncommon and Rare. Each version also boasts autograph and memorabilia parallels.

NEW! Find even more rookie content in 2019-20 with the addition of Rookie Renditions and its multiple parallels!

Look for a continuation of the fan favorite Signature Pucks insert (All-Stars, Trophy Winners, Hall of Famers and Rookies!) featuring autographs from some of the best NHL players of all time! Each themed Signature Puck card also has Team Logo (#’d as low as 8) and NHL Shield Logo (#’d as low as 1!) parallels.

Find more great memorabilia with the return of Honorary Triple Swatches and Triple Relics, each numbered as low as 10.

NEW! Crystallized is our newest plexi-card insert, joining the ranks with the ever-popular Auto Focus and Scripted Hall of Fame Plaques inserts! All three boast hard-signed autographs of current superstars and legends on clear plexiglass substrate.


BOX BREAK (on average):

Two (2) autograph and/or memorabilia cards

Two (2) numbered rookie cards

Two (2) numbered inserts and/or parallels



Rookie Cards + Rookie Insert Sets

Rookie Renditions - 1:1

Red Parallel - #’d to 799

Blue Parallel - #’d to 399

Gold Auto Parallel - 1:30

Purple Auto Parallel - #’d 1-of-1

Jersey Parallel - 1:25

Patch Auto (Tier 1) Parallel - #’d to 49

Patch Auto (Tier 2) Parallel - #’d to 25

Common Rookies

Jersey Parallel - #’d to 499

Auto Parallel - #’d to 399 and 249

Uncommon Rookies - #d to 499

Patch Parallel - #’d to 49

Auto Parallel - #’d to 199 and 99

 Rare Rookies - #’d to 299

Tag Patch Parallel - #’d to 5

 Auto Parallel - #’d to 49 and 25

 Triple Rookies - #’d to 99

 Auto Parallel - #’d 1-of-1

Tag Patch Parallel - #’d 1-of-1

 Rookie Signature Pucks - 1:180

Team Logo Parallel - #’d to 25

NHL Logo Parallel - #’d to 3


Other Autographed Pucks

  Signature Pucks - 1:30

Team Logo Parallel - #’d to 20

NHL Logo Parallel - #’d to 3

  All-Star Signature Pucks - 1:960

Team Logo Parallel - #’d to 8

All-Star Logo Parallel - #’d to 2

 Trophy Winner Signature Pucks - 1:960

Team Logo Parallel - #’d to 8

NHL Logo Parallel - #’d to 2

 HHOF Signature Pucks - 1:960

Team Logo Parallel - #’d to 8

HHOF Logo Parallel - #’d to 2

 Update 2013-14 Signature Pucks - 1:234

Retro Logo Parallel - #’d to 15

NHL Logo Parallel - #’d to 3

Dual Signature Pucks - 1:2336

Team Logo Parallel - #’d to 5

NHL Logo Parallel - #’d 1-of-1

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