2014-15 Upper Deck The Cup NHL Hockey Tin Box

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The most premium of the NHL releases, 2014-15 Upper Deck The Cup Hockey maintains a spot at the top of the hobby, especially for rookie collectors. Each tin delivers four hits.

Numbered to 249, Base cards, Rookies and Rookie Autographsform the bulk of the primary set. Gold Spectrum parallels are limited to 25 copies for rookies and just five for the base set. Issued as one-of-one, Black parallels can be found. There are also a huge variety of autographed, relic and autographed relic options for the base and rookies sets.

Broken into two tiers, the Autographed Rookie Patch cards offer some of the top rookie card options of the season. Level 1 is numbered to 249 and Level 2 is much more rare at 99 copies.

Among the many hits in 2014-15 Upper Deck The Cup Hockey, Program of Excellence (#10) also comes in both Duals (#/5) and Trios (#/3). Autographed Rookie Draft Boards are limited to 25 and features a Patch (#/10) option. NHL Glory (#/10) adds an embedded chrome NHL logo and can be found signed. Scripted Sticks (#/35) and Cup Enshrinements (#/99 or less) covers individual names and adds multi-player inserts as well. Cup Foundations Quadruples (#25) features multiple options like Patches (#/10), Autographs (#/15) and Autographed Sticks (#/3).

Notable Nameplates include letter patch relics and are limited to the number of letters in the player's last name. Paying homage to a key rookie card design year, 2005-06 Crosby Cup RC Tributes are numbered to ten and 2005-06 Ovechkin Cup RC Tributes are numbered to five. Featuring one of the more captivating memorabilia options, Property of... adds a large, one-of one relic piece. A more common inclusion, Brilliance drops 1:4 boxes. Cup Trios (#/25) and Cup Quads (#/10) come in both base jersey and Patchparallels.

Outside of these key elements, the expensive product is filled with many familiar autographed memorabilia insert lines. Limited Logos (#/50, 25 or 10) and Emblems of Endorsement (#/15) return as staples of the UD brand. Autographed Rookie Gear Booklets (#/25) and Autographed Legendary Gear Booklets (#/5) utilize a fold-out format and are joined by Dual versions. Similarly, Signature Patches (#/99 or 25) and Dual Signature Patches (#/35 or 15) offer single-player or combo options along with Honorable Numbers (#'d to jersey #) and Dual Honorable Numbers (#'d to jersey #).

Not to be outdone, Scripted Swatches (#/35) and Dual Scripted Swatches (#/15) add more high-end choices in 2014-15 Upper Deck The Cup Hockey. Autographed Cup Foundations Quadruple Patches (#/5) includes several jersey pieces and there is also a Tag (1/1) version. Featuring a a vertical booklet orientation, Autographed Monumental Patch Booklets (#/3 or less) is joined by a Rookie (#/5) option.

Finally, collectors can also get a taste of Exquisite Hockey thanks to a recurring inclusion in 15-16 UD products. This includes a mix of Exquisite Collection inserts like Exquisite Collection Rookie Auto Patch (jersey #'d), Exquisite Collection Base Set Veteran Autos(#/25), and Exquisite Collection Art of the Game Booklets (#/3).

Product Configuration: 5 cards per tin/box
Price Point: Ultra High-End Hockey Card
Target Audience: Autograph Collectors, Hit Seekers, High-End Collectors

2014-15 Upper Deck The Cup Hockey Hobby Box Break

  • 1 Autographed Rookie Patch Card
  • 1 Autographed Patch Card
  • 2 Additional Autographs, Memorabilia Cards or Low-Numbered Parallels
  • 5 Total Cards

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