Vs System 2pcg: The Alien Battles MASTER CASE (Case of 12 Boxes)

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Vs System 2pcg: The Alien Battles MASTER CASE  (Case of 12 Boxes)

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12 Boxes  in Case 

2 inner case per master case

For the first time ever Vs. System 2PCG breaks its super hero mold and does what it was originally designed to do by introducing a new universe. The Alien universe. The Alien Battles adds two new teams to Vs. System 2PCG: The Company and the Xenomorphs. Each one of these teams features one of the two new Power Symbols: Humanity and Alien.

The one constant that have allowed the Humans to stay competitive in a battle is their equipment. Vs. System: The Alien Battles introduces a new card type: Equipment. Players can play Equipment during their Recruit Step by paying its cost and putting it onto a face-up character on their side. It doesn't matter if the character is Main or Supporting, ready or exhausted.

  • 200 Playable Cards
  • Full Color Rule Book
  • All Original Art
  • Token Sheet
  • All new playable content
  • Same style of gameplay
  • Streamlined game design
  • New "Low Barrier of Entry" for New Players

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