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Pokemon Crown Zenith Elite Trainer Box

Pokemon Crown Zenith Elite Trainer Box

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Pokémon Crown Zenith Elite Trainer Box

Release date- 2023-01-20

Welcome to the world of Pokemon collecting! If you're looking for the ultimate Pokemon experience, you won't want to miss the Pokemon Crown Zenith Elite Trainer Box. This premium product is perfect for seasoned collectors and new fans alike, providing everything you need to take your collection to the next level.

The Pokemon Crown Zenith Elite Trainer Box includes 10 packs of Crown Zenith booster packs, each containing some of the most sought-after cards in the world of Pokemon collecting. From powerful V and VMAX cards to the new Amazing Rare cards, each pack is carefully selected to provide the best possible collecting experience.

But that's not all! The Elite Trainer Box also includes a range of high-quality accessories to help you protect and organize your collection. With card sleeves, dice, acrylic condition markers, and a player's guide, you'll have everything you need to take your game to the next level.

As a professional Pokemon salesman, I can assure you that the Pokemon Crown Zenith Elite Trainer Box is the ultimate collectible for any serious Pokemon fan. With high-quality printing and premium materials, each card is a true work of art. And with the included accessories, you'll have the tools you need to build the ultimate Pokemon deck.

So why wait? Add the Pokemon Crown Zenith Elite Trainer Box to your collection today and start experiencing the thrill of the hunt for rare and valuable cards!


All-Stars from Galar, Hisui & Beyond!
The Legendary heroes Zacian and Zamazenta shine with new VSTAR Powers, and an all-star assembly of Pokémon and Trainers arrive to celebrate the era of Pokémon V! Discover dazzling special illustrations in the Galarian Gallery, and wield the strength of rare and powerful Pokémon, including Charizard as both a Pokémon VSTAR and Radiant Pokémon. Many more Pokémon have their own tales to tell in battle as the Sword & Shield Series reaches its towering peak in the TCG: Crown Zenith expansion!

The Pokémon TCG: Crown Zenith Elite Trainer Box includes:

  • 10 Pokémon TCG: Crown Zenith booster packs
  • 1 etched foil promo card featuring Lucario VSTAR
  • 65 card sleeves featuring Lucario
  • 45 Pokémon TCG Energy cards
  • A players guide to the Crown Zenith expansion
  • 6 damage-counter dice
  • 1 competition-legal coin-flip die
  • 2 acrylic condition markers
  • 1 acrylic VSTAR marker
  • A collectors box to hold everything, with 4 dividers to keep it organized
  • A code card for Pokémon Trading Card Game Live



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