2021-2022 Upper Deck Skybox Metal Universe Hockey Blaster Box

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Release Date:  2023-03-05

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7 Cards per Pack

5 Packs per Box 

20 Boxes per Case




    Skybox Metal Universe sports a 200-card Base Set, which breaks down as follows:


    100 Regular Star Veteran Cards

    50 Rookie Cards

    50 Alternate Jersey Variation Cards


Look for three Blaster Exclusive parallels – the Base Set Purple Spectrum parallel, #’d to 199 and Skybox Premium Prospects Star Sapphires parallel, combined falling 1 per box on average, and the Base Set Blue Spectrum parallel, falling 5 per box on average. Additionally, collect the 97-98 Retros, a 50-card design variation featuring the top veterans and rookies from the Base Set. Each card in this collection sports a unique background featuring original artwork from the 1997-98 Metal Universe Base Set!


    Collect the Skybox Premium Prospects set – as well as the Blaster Exclusive Star Sapphires and Star Sapphires Auto parallels – featuring the top 2021-22 rookie prospects. 


    Find two new awesome acetate inserts: Ice Carvings and Skybox Metal Picks, featuring top active stars and rookies. 


    Collect the Platinum Portraits and Metal-X hockey sets! These super rare sets feature laser die-cut player images and cards created on metallic paper respectively. Each will be a valuable addition to any collection.


    The uniquely-designed and super rare Jambalaya insert boasts many of the best players in the game today.





(on average)


Blaster Exclusive Base Set - Blue Spectrum Parallel Cards



Blaster Exclusive Base Set - Purple Spectrum Parallel Card

- or -

Blaster Exclusive Skybox Premium Prospects - Sapphire or Sapphire Auto Parallel Card  




Content, including the stated checklist #’ing, card #’ing and ratios, is subject to change without further notice. Additionally, this list may not contain all cards available in the product as there could be unannounced cards.


Autograph Cards


Card                                     #’ing/Ratio

Blaster Exclusive! Skybox Premium Prospects - Sapphire Auto Parallel             1:200


Insert Cards


Card                                     #’ing/Ratio

Skybox Premium Prospects                         1:4

Blaster Exclusive! Skybox Premium Prospects - Sapphire Parallel             1:10

Ice Carvings                             1:25

Skybox Metal Picks                            1:38

Planet Metal                             1:20

Planet Metal - Gold //                           1:60

Big Man on Ice                             1:8

The Cheddar                            1:10

Amped Up                                1:10

Championship Galaxy                            1:38

Neon Icon                                                                                                                                                       1:38

Pitter Patter                                                                                                                                                    1:75

Jambalaya                                                                                                                                                     1:1500

Platinum Portraits                             1:14000

Metal-X                                 1:6000


Regular Base Set & Base Set Variation Cards


Card                                     #’ing/Ratio

Base Set (1-100)                             N/A

Blaster Exclusive! Base Set - Blue Spectrum Parallel                 1:2

Blaster Exclusive! Base Set - Purple Spectrum Parallel                 #’d to 199

Base Set Alternate Jersey Variation (101-150)                     1:2

Blaster Exclusive! Base Set Alternate Jersey Variation - Blue Spectrum Parallel        1:4

Blaster Exclusive! Base Set Alternate Jersey Variation - Purple Spectrum Parallel         #’d to 199

Base Set Rookies (151-200)                         1:2

Blaster Exclusive! Base Set Rookies - Blue Spectrum Parallel             1:4

Blaster Exclusive! Base Set Rookies - Purple Spectrum Parallel            #’d to 199

1997-98 Retros                            1:4

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