2020-21 Upper Deck The Cup Hockey Hobby Box

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Release Date:  2023-02-23

Introducing Upper Deck The Cup, the ultimate collectible for any serious hockey fan. This premium product features some of the most sought-after cards in the world of hockey collecting, including autographed cards, game-worn memorabilia cards, and more.

Each pack of Upper Deck The Cup contains a mix of cards, carefully selected to provide the best possible collecting experience. From rookie cards of up-and-coming players to limited edition cards of NHL legends, there's something for every fan in this product.

One of the most exciting aspects of Upper Deck The Cup is the chance to find rare and valuable cards. With numbered cards and special inserts, you never know what you'll discover inside each pack. Plus, with a high quality printing process and premium materials, each card is a true work of art.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting out, Upper Deck The Cup is a must-have for anyone who loves hockey cards and collectibles. So why wait? Add this product to your collection today and start experiencing the thrill of the hunt for rare and valuable cards!


6 Cards per Pack

1 Pack per Tin

  • (1) Rookie Patch Autograph
  • (1) Additional Patch Autograph (RC, Veteran or Legend)
  • (1) Autograph Card (Non-Memorabilia)
  • (2) Non-Autographed Inserts, Memorabilia, Printing Plates and/or Redemption Cards
  • (1) Base Card #’d to 249



    Coveted Rookie Cards! Collect the most highly-sought after high-end rookie cards of the year, including, but certainly not limited to:

o    Base Set: Rookie Auto Patch: Along with the regular two-tiered set (T1 is #’d to 249 and T2 is #’d to 99), keep an eye out for Gold Foil (#’d to 24 and 12) parallels, non-tiered Red Foil Auto Tag (#’d to 4) and Green Foil Auto Button (#’d to 3) parallels, and Printing Plate Booklets!

o    Autographed Monumental Rookie Patch Booklets: This perennially-coveted set sporting two massive patch swatches is limited to just six #’d copies per player!

o    Exquisite Rookie Auto Patch: Another coveted set! The regular cards are #’d to the jersey number of each player in the set. Lucky collectors will find a 1-of-1 Auto Shield parallel. Also keep an eye out for regular and 1-of-1 Gold parallel Horizontal Variations.

o    Rookie Class of 2021: Each card in this set #’d to 249 features a top rookie. Look for a variety of stellar parallels: Patch (#’d to 49), Gold Foil Auto (#’d to 50), Gold Foil Auto Patch (#’d to 25), Black Foil Auto Inscription (#’d to 5) and Black Foil Auto Patch (#’d 1-of-1)! 

o    NEW! 2003-04 Exquisite Limited Logos Rookies: Serially #’d to 50, this set features the classic 2003-04 design, large patch swatches and hard-signed autographs. 

    More New Inserts! The latest edition of The Cup features an impressive lineup of new inserts. Here is a look at some more of the additions: 

o    CA United: Collectors will be chasing these unique patch booklets featuring standout Captain and Alternate Captain pairings, with each booklet boasting a “C” patch and an “A” patch from a game-worn jersey. 

o    Lamplighters: This amazing-looking PETG-covered rainbow foilboard set features rookie, veteran and legend goal scorers.

o    Signature Home Unis & Signature Away Unis: Collect both versions for 30 different players (rookies, veterans and legends). Each card features two jersey swatches, two patch swatches, and a hard-signed autograph! In both sets, the regular vets/legends cards are #’d to 35 while the regular rookie cards are #’d to 49. Keep an eye out for Black parallels #’d to just 5.

o    Stick & Move: This incredible new #’d set features game-used stick from current stars and legends of the game. Look for Gold Foil Auto (Varied #’ing) and Black Foil Auto (#’d 1-of-1) parallels, each of which sport hard-signed autographs.


    More Big-Time Booklets! Everyone loves booklets and The Cup delivers! 

o    2020-21 Upper Deck Printing Plate Booklets: This set covers the complete 2020-21 Upper Deck Series 1 & 2 base set, including Young Guns®! Look for autographed versions!

o    9-Way Signature Booklets: Each booklet is #’d to 9. Look for the booklet featuring nine top 2020-21 rookies! 

o    Autographed Monumental Patch Booklets: Like the rookie version, each unique card features two massive patch swatches. 

o    Brand Logo Autographed Booklets: Collect unique veteran versions and rookie versions #’d to just 3!

o    Legends of Hockey Triple-Signed Booklets: Each low-#’d booklet features three legendary players and their hard-signed autograph.

    Cup Classics! No edition of The Cup is complete without these sets, among others:

o    Brilliance: Look for these beautiful shadow box-style acetate cards featuring hard-signed autographs.

o    Enshrinements: The long-running Enshrinements and Enshrinements Duos (featuring incredible pairings) acetate inserts are back! All Enshrinements cards are hard-signed and low-#’d. 

o    Limited Logos: One of the most popular autographed, game-worn patch card insert sets in hockey! This is three-tiered set with all tiers #’d to 50 or less.

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