The Top 5 eBay Card Sales from 2022 Marvel Metal Universe Collection

The Marvel Metal Universe collection is highly popular among enthusiasts, collectors, and traders worldwide. Marvel’s pantheon of superheroes and villains, rendered in vivid hues and intricate designs, is a magnet for all who adore this genre. The collection has seen some impressive sales on eBay, with Spider-Man-themed cards taking the center stage. Let's dive into the top five sales.

  1. 2022 Marvel Metal Universe Spider-Man Z-Force 1/1 Ghost-Spider

    The highest sale price among the 2022 Marvel Metal Universe cards goes to the Ghost-Spider card. The Z-Force 1/1 card featuring Ghost-Spider, an alternate universe's Spider-Woman, sold for an incredible $15,100. This one-of-a-kind card, with its distinct art and rarity, has unsurprisingly garnered the most attention and the highest price tag.

  2. 2022 Marvel Metal Universe Spider-Man #52 Miles Morales Green PMG

    Following close behind in the second spot is the Green PMG card of Miles Morales, the Spider-Man of an alternate universe, selling for a solid $11,000. Morales has become a fan favorite since his introduction and the price this card fetched is a testament to his popularity.

  3. 2022 Marvel Metal Universe Spider-Man High Series PMG Green 8/10 Carnage

    With a sale price of $10,900, the Carnage card occupies the third spot. As one of Spider-Man’s deadliest and most terrifying foes, the Carnage card holds a special place in the hearts of collectors. Limited to just 10 copies, this card's scarcity and the character’s popularity led to this high auction price.

  4. 2022 Marvel Metal Universe Spider-Man Iron Spider Green PMG

    Selling at $9,931, the Iron Spider Green PMG card ranks fourth. This card features Spider-Man in the Iron Spider suit, a gift from Tony Stark (Iron Man) himself. Its unique art and the iconic status of the Iron Spider suit in the Marvel Universe make this card a must-have for collectors.

  5. 2022 Marvel Metal Universe Spider-Man PMG Green 8/10 Ghost-Spider #128

    Rounding out the top five is another Ghost-Spider card, this time a Green PMG version. It was sold for $8,700. With only 10 copies available, the limited quantity, coupled with the design's appealing aesthetics, has made this card an attractive acquisition for collectors.

Overall, the 2022 Marvel Metal Universe collection sales on eBay tell a captivating story about the popularity and market value of these intricate and vibrant cards. Collectors are more than willing to shell out a premium for their favorite characters and limited edition releases. As the world of Marvel continues to expand, so does the appeal of these collectors' items, cementing their place in the high-stakes world of collectibles.