Yu Gi Oh! Spirit Charmers Structure Deck

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Structure Deck: Spirit Charmers main focus is on Spellcasters and controlling monsters of many Attributes. Charmers are able to steal away monsters that match their Attribute, and even if you only control one charmer, you can litter the field with familiars! Buff the whole team with Awakening of the Possessed then back up your monsters with powerful Spiritual Art cards that are bound to give you the edge in any duel, bury any card they control to the bottom of the Deck, inflict massive damage, and that is just the tip of the iceberg!


On top of all this, 5 new pieces of artwork have been created showing the day to day lives of the Charmers and their familiars, each Structure Deck will have 1 out of 5 Tokens featuring one of these artworks. Brand new artwork will also be featured on the playing side of the game-mat. There are 5 new game-mats in total, these all feature 1 of the potential 5 pieces of art. Each Spirit Charmers Structure Deck Includes:


1 Preconstructed Deck of 42 cards

5 Ultra Rares (4 fixed + 1 of 4 variant art cards)

2 Super Rares

35 Commons

1 of 5 Super Rare Tokens

1 of 5 Double-sided Playmats/Dueling Guide

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