Blood Wars: Starter Deck 1st Edition Box

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Blood Wars: Starter Deck 1st Edition Box

6 Duel Decks.

100 Cards per Duel Deck.

 Featuring the creatures, locations, and excitement of the infernal Blood War from the PLANESCAPE game world!

 The BLOOD WARS game in an entirely new card game based on the AD&D game's PLANESCAPE role-playing campaign setting. Using a Duel-Deck pack (which consists of 2 decks of 50 cards each) and the enclosed rules, two players can begin the eternal struggle of the Blood Wards straight out of the package and play through their first battle within an hour! Further game expansions are available in the Escalation Packs, available t your favorite book, game or hobby store where TSR products are sold. Whether you're looking to take command of Carceri or conquer the blessed slopes of Mount Celestia, here's where you start!

Look for BLOOD WARS Escalation Packs to add new cards and options in your battles to conquer the planes!

 **As this in a vintage product, the box has some shelf wear and tears. The Plastic seal is torn at some places.  There are also dents at some corners of the box. The packs inside however are in mint condition. Please see and inspect the images provided to see the full condition of the box before making the purchase.

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