2023-24 Upper Deck MVP Hockey Hobby Box

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2023-24 Upper Deck MVP Hockey Hobby Box

Release Date:  2023-08-10


  • 8 Cards per Pack
  • 20 Packs per Box


    Your 2023-24 hockey card collection starts here with an impressive base set consisting of 200 regular cards and 50 SP’s & Rookies cards! Collect an array of popular parallels, highlighted by the Magenta Auto (SP’s & Rookies only), Ice Battles, Super Script (#’d to 25) and Black Super Script (#’d to 5) parallels.

 ⁰    The Ice Battles parallel is a card-back variation set. The standard bio and stats are replaced by five categories with which you can play your own Pack Wars game with family, friends and fellow collectors: Overall, Speed, Strength, Skill and Awareness. Collect one (1) Ice Battles card per pack, on average, and let the competition begin! 

    Keep an eye out for Printing Plates from the complete 250-card base set!

    NEW! Collect three exciting new insert sets, all printed on Patterned Rainbow Foilboard:

    Alternate Threads: Each card in this set features three teammates (a forward, a defenseman and a goalie) pictured in their 2022-23 reverse retro jersey! Collect two (2) regular versions per box, on average, and keep an eye out for Gold versions. 

    Ice Reps: This set showcases team captains alongside team mascots. Collect three (3) regular versions and one Gold parallel per box, on average.

    Stars of the Rink: This new set is comprised of some of the best players in the League today! Collect three (3) regular versions per box, on average, and look for Gold versions. 

 •    This year’s 20th Anniversary set pays homage to the 2003-04 MVP Talent design. Collect four (4) 20th Anniversary cards per box, on average, and look for Gold Script and Super Script (#’d to 25) parallels as well!

 •    The dynamic and highly-sought after Colors & Contours cards are back! There are three serially-#’d sets, each featuring a different Spectrum Light FX background color: Gold (#’d to 250), Green (#’d to 20) and Purple (#’d to 3). Collect one (1) per box, on average!

 •    Look for divisionally-themed Rookie Redemption cards for 2023-24 rookies and the super rare 2023 NHL® #1 Draft Pick SP Redemption cards (regular and Gold).



(on average)


Base Set SP’s & Rookies Magenta Auto Parallel Card


Rookie Redemption Card



(on average)


Base Set - Ice Battles Parallel Cards


Base Set High Series Star & Rookie SP Cards


Base Set - Silver Script Parallel Cards


Alternate Threads and/or Stars of the Rink Cards


20th Anniversary Cards


Ice Reps Cards


Colors & Contours and/or 20th Anniversary Parallel Card


Rare Hit Card




Content, including the stated checklist #’ing, card #’ing and ratios, is subject to change without further notice. Additionally, this list may not contain all cards available in the product as there could be unannounced cards.


Card                                                         #’ing/Ratio

Rookie Redemption                         1:400

2023 NHL® #1 Draft Pick SP Redemption                 1:1250

2023 NHL® #1 Draft Pick SP Redemption - Gold Parallel             1:12500


Card                                 #’ing/Ratio

20th Anniversary                         1:5

20th Anniversary - Gold Script Parallel                 1:36

20th Anniversary - Super Script Parallel                 #’d to 25

Colors & Contours - Gold                     #’d to 250

Colors & Contours - Green                     #’d to 20

Colors & Contours - Purple                     #’d to 3

New! Alternate Threads                     1:10

New! Alternate Threads - Gold Parallel                 1:75

New! Ice Reps                         1:7

New! Ice Reps - Gold Parallel                     1:20

New! Stars of the Rink                     1:7

New! Stars of the Rink - Gold Parallel                 1:50


Card                                 #’ing/Ratio

Base Set (1-200)          N/A

Base Set - Ice Battles Parallel                      1:2

Base Set - Silver Script Parallel                   1:5

Base Set - Super Script Parallel                  #’d to 25

Base Set - Black Super Script Parallel                 #’d to 5

Base Set Printing Plates                     4/Player

Base Set SP’s & Rookies (201-250)                1:2

Base Set SP’s & Rookies - Magenta Auto Parallel             1:400

Base Set SP’s & Rookies - Ice Battles Parallel                 1:5

Base Set SP’s & Rookies - Silver Script Parallel             1:20

Base Set SP’s & Rookies - Super Script Parallel                                                                         #’d to 25

Base Set SP’s & Rookies - Black Super Script Parallel                                                                #’d to 5

Base Set SP’s & Rookies Printing Plates                 4/Player


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