What is a box break?

A box break is an event that Miraj Trading will host in which a box of cards (whether it be hockey, basketball, baseball, pokemon, yugioh, etc.) will be opened live on various platforms like Twitch, Facebook, Youtube etc. for collectors who have purchased the rights of ownership to these cards through randomized selections. 

In essence a box break is dividing the cost of a box between multiple people. For example a hockey break will have 31 slots for the 31 teams thus dividing the cost 31 times. Instead of having to buy a whole box, one can buy a spot(s) in a break at the fraction of the cost of the box. 

Example: Mark wants the new hobby box released last week, but does not want to pay the $299.99 listing price, thus he will prefer to buy a spot or spots on a break of the exact same hobby box but at a much more affordable $9.99 per slot.

What you can potentially receive from a break?

Only HITS found inside boxes will be shipped through regular mail. 

A HIT is any card other than a base/common card. For example, inserts, numbered cards, relics, autographs are all considered HITS.

If you would like your base cards shipped as well then contact us directly. 

Shipping & Handling

Shipping costs are included for all Canadian customers. Rates may apply outside of Canada. You may review rates at checkout.

All HITS will be placed in sleeves while also being placed in top-loaders before being shipped.

If you would like your cards shipped with tracking/insurance or any other details (at additional costs) then contact us directly.

Customer support

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